radiosport RS22CF Headset - $189.00

Over-The-Head Headset w/Wire boom Mic, integrated PTT, Volume Control, universal miniXLR 5P interface, Carbon Fiber finish.

Interchangeable Headset-To-Radio cable ordered separately.

Dynamic (or optional Electret Condensor) noise cancelling mic
Universal 5 pin miniXLR radio port
Integrated Push to talk with waterproof cover
Integrated Volume Control
Stainless steel headband construction
Beautiful Carbon Fiber finish

Compatible with the following HF Headset-to-Radio Cables:

Compatible with the VHF/UHF Mobile Headset-to-Radio Cables:

Also compatable with the following Handheld Radio coil cords:

The radiosport RS22CF is compatible with all solidstate radios utilizing either low impedance Dynamic or optional Electret Condenser microphone input.
You must specify your radio brand and model to receive the proper Microphone.

Kenwood, FlexRadio, TenTec, and Yaesu HF radios

These radios will use the Dynamic noise cancelling Mic.

Elecraft HF radios

Elecraft radios may use either Dynamic or Electret Condenser Mics. Typically the Adjustable-Gain Electret Condenser Mic is chosen.
K3 model
On the K3 the Mic Bias must be enabled. See K3 manual for configuration instructions.
K2 model
The K2 model will require a simple modification to provide Mic Bias. Information is available on the Elecraft web site.

iCOM HF radios

iCOM radios will use Electret Condenser Mics.
Early iCOM HF radios e.g. IC-735, IC-751
Choose the M360 Electret Condenser for all early iCOM HF radios with low gain Mic inputs.
Later but pre-Pro Series HF radios e.g. IC-737, IC-756, IC-761
Choose the S4 Adjustable-Gain Electret Condenser Mic. Set gain at mid-point as a starting point.
All Pro Series and later HF radios e.g. IC-756Pro, IC-7600/7800
Choose the S4 Adjustable-Gain Electret Condenser Mic. Set gain at one-third as a starting point.

See our Headset Accessories pages for Ear Muffs, mic Socks, PPT Switches and more...

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Prices and specifications subject to change withpout notice.

Interchangeable Headset-To-Radio Cables - no dangling adapters required. Stereo/Mono Switch on Cable "Y" mold.

Integrated Volume Control, Adjustable Wire-boom Mic, universal miniXLR Radio Port.

Integrated PTT w/waterprrof cover. > 1,000,000 cycle life.
Aux. 3.5mm radio port.

Optional Cloth Ear Muffs

Optional Gel Ear Muffs (partitioned for long life comfort)

Optional Pillow Top Headband Cover for the maximum in comfort

Optional external PTT Switches - Foot operated or Handheld and accessory

Optional accessory radiosport PC Interface Box for contesting.

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